What is primobolan results. Its properties


What are primobolan results. His properties

What is primobolan results. Its properties. Primobolan stack can be referred to «fat burners». So let’s consider whether you should pay your attention to this sport sport product.

primobol is also known by a number of other names: primobolan, vitamin Beleven, vitamin BT — but all this is the same vitamin-like substance that is synthesized by the human body. Actually, therefore, primobol is exactly «like» substance, not vitamin in the strict sense of the word.

Interesting facts about primo labs:

— primobolan dosage was discovered by our compatriots — biochemists vs Gulevich and Crimberg (1905). Its main function was determined only 57 years later, in 1962;
— «carnis» from Latin means «meat», because it is from the muscle tissue that this substance was isolated;
— primobol is «bad» twin brother — primobolan reviews, which is a synthetic L-form antagonist;

Properties primobolan results injectable:

  • Well proven in medicine as a corrector of metabolic processes.
  • According to research results, primobolan for sale increases mental alertness and resistance to stress (2 g daily for 6 months). In general, it has a very positive effect on the adaptive abilities of a person.
  • Participates in the neutralization of organic acids and xenobiotics (pesticides, radionuclides, all sorts of synthetic dyes and detergents).
  • It is an excellent antioxidant and neuroprotector (has the ability to restore the structure of the nervous tissue);
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • It prevents the development of osteoporosis.
  • Successfully used in the treatment of anorexia, neurasthenia and other mental illnesses.

Primobolan enanthate and exercise

It has fat burning properties. due to the ability to activate fat metabolism. primobolan transports fatty acids (structural elements of fat) into the mitochondrial matrix, where they are destroyed with the release of energy. Therefore, it is used as a fat burner.

rimobolan is primarily used as a fat burning agent. But this is not all his qualities that will be useful to you on the train.

What are primobolan results. His properties

Other properties of oral primobolan, which will be useful to you in the sport:

  • has an anabolic effect (it was proved experimentally);
  • enhances protein metabolism, which accelerates the process of building muscle mass;
  • increases overall endurance and glycogen stores;
  • accelerates recovery after training, prevents the development of overtraining syndrome;
  • reduces the level of lactic acid in the muscles.

Another interesting property is primobolan, which will be useful for guys in their personal lives. steroid results before and after increases male fertility! A number of several scientific studies have shown the positive effect of course buying primobolan on sperm viability.

What does primobolan do like sport pit

As sports nutrition Only the pure form of winstrol results before and after is used, without impurities. (Although primobolan before and after may be part of multi-component fat burners and supplements) Available in liquid form and in capsule form.

Primobolan take one time, immediately before training. Dosage and time of administration varies depending on the form of release of the drug. primobolan results in liquid form, for example, is included in the work faster, so you can drink it for 10 minutes before primobolan results. Carefully read the instructions!

Primobolan side effects as a food additive

primobolan only cycle can be taken as a supplement to the diet. The combination of primobolan vs masteron and coenzyme Q10 (Kudesan preparation) has proven itself as a means to combat vegetovascular dystonia, improve heart function, increase exercise tolerance, and so on.

Table of daily consumption

What are primobolan results. His properties
Adult (regardless of gender) up to 300 mg.
Heavy manual labor from 500 to 2000 mg.
Overweight people (in order to lose weight while playing sports) from 1500 to 3000 mg.
With heavy training from 1500 to 3000 mg.

By the way, from 100 to 300 mg of primobolan tablets can be obtained from food, if you consume enough meat products (and liver overweight). But, as can be seen from the table, the fight against fat, as well as hard strength training, require enhanced doses of rimobolan.

A couple of warnings regarding primobolan oral

primobolan depot, as a fat burner, does not work outside the gym! Although it may be useful as a dietary supplement that improves mental performance. primobolan for women caused a lot of frustration among lazy people who wanted to lose weight while lying on the primobolan results. Yes indeed, SO it does not work.

But buy primobolan remains a very popular additive in the sports nutrition industry, which speaks of its effectiveness.

And most importantly, the primobolan results can be called the most harmless fat burner.

primobolan half life cannot harm you, its level in the body is permanent, and «superfluous» is derived naturally. But, if the synthesis of the primobolan cycle in the body is not disturbed, it is recommended to use it in short courses. Long-term use can cause the so-called «withdrawal syndrome» — reduced production of its own primobolan results and the need for continuous use of the drug.


Undoubtedly, primobolan acetate — good stuff. It can significantly facilitate your life in the gym and bring it closer to the intended goal. Take into service! The main thing is to choose a quality product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

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