What is primo steroid and what is it for?


What is primo steroid and what is it for?

What is primo steroid and what is it for? There is a wide variety of supplements on the sports nutrition market that help achieve great results and performance in any sports. They become simply indispensable products to maintain a balanced diet, especially for those who are limited in the amount of free time. steroid results is just one of these supplements, which contains all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins in order to provide the body with the necessary building material and energy.

First, let’s look at what is oral testosterone steroid. It is a high-carb multi-ingredient dietary supplement, used mainly by those who lack the desired mass.

What is steroid for weight loss for?

The name itself, derived from the English word «gain» – increase, says that such an additive is intended for weight gain. Therefore, the carbohydrate content of steroid traps higher than proteins, which definitely changes its properties compared to the best steroid stack for cutting. In primo test cycle First of all, thin or, as they are called, ectomorphs are in need. This means that such an additive is not recommended for those who are planning to lose weight, although it is not prohibited.

Composition of the primo steroid

Composition best steroid stack for cutting depends on the desired result, and, of course, prices. It may include simple carbohydrates, which are more rapidly splitting in the body, which contributes to the speediest recovery of your muscles. Therefore, the ideal solution – Take steroid results before and after with fast carbohydrates after training.

There are also more expensive analogues containing complex carbohydrates. This mixture will cost more, but the effect of feeding the body with the necessary energy will be much higher.

Another important component – protein. Mostly, manufacturers use primo steroid, but also use egg, milk or even soy.

In addition to carbohydrates and proteins, the following compounds are added:

What is primo steroid and what is it for?
  • amino acids that contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of loads;
  • small amount of fat;
  • trace elements;
  • creatine to maintain energy balance;
  • vitamins.

Principle of operation primo steroid

Previously, the steroid cycle for women was a type of oral testosterone steroid – but only cheaper – due to the content of fat and sugar additives in it. The quality of this protein-carbohydrate mixture was worse than average, since it could contribute to the formation of excess fat on the body. Now known brands of sports nutrition provide only the best balanced combination of primo steroid.

This supplement works in such a way that with its help you get the necessary energy for your workouts, as well as a quick recovery after them. Therefore, the best steroid for lean mass is indispensable not only for those who are engaged in bodybuilding and «iron» sports, but also for wrestlers and boxers.

Original steroid reviews and best oral steroid for mass: differences

The differences between the primo test cycle and the best oral steroid cycle are as follows:

What is primo steroid and what is it for?
  1. Composition. Most often steroid for weight loss contains only pure proteins or their mixture with a small part of other nutrients. And steroid testing kit – it is a combination of both proteins and carbohydrates with a margin in the direction of the latter.
  2. The purpose of the application. Steroid traps is a stimulant to gain lean muscle mass, and also helps to achieve greater efficiency of training. The arnold steroid cycle is used to create the necessary amount of energy for muscle work.
  3. Time of application. best steroid stack for mass gain is mainly used before training to ensure maximum productive work during strength exercises, while the application of best oral steroid for mass more effective after exercise, when the body is deficient in protein and carbohydrates.
  4. The constitution of the consumer. For people who are prone to corpulence (endomorphs), it is recommended to use best steroid for lean mass, and the use of best steroid for strength extremely undesirable. Well, those who, on the contrary, do not have enough mass (ectomorphs), should use the best steroid stack for mass gain to provide the necessary amount of energy spent in everyday life and the gym.

How to use primo steroid

You can consume the mixture before and after training, but the best time will be 5-10 minutes after the session, since during this period the so-called «protein and carbohydrate window». This will restore your strength and muscle tissue, as well as prevent the catabolism process.

Now let’s look at how to take dht steroid hair loss. It is best to mix it with water, milk or juice, following the dosage that is indicated on the package in order to prevent possible adverse effects.

To figure out who should take this supplement, you need to tell about the main body types.


Ectomorph – This is a person’s body type, characterized by rather weak physical strength. They are characterized by thin bones, long arms and legs, small size of the breast and buttocks, a small percentage of subcutaneous fat, as well as problems with a set of muscle mass. But do not be upset, because the additional regular intake of primo steroid during the day will definitely change this situation.


Endomorph – This is a constitution of man, which is characterized by slow metabolism, which is the cause of fat deposition. It will be hard to get rid of this fat, so in most cases, people with this physique will have round shapes. At endomorphs when taking primo dosage a significant amount of carbohydrates will go on storing even larger deposits, which suggests the uselessness of the use of this additive.

Reception effect

Let us consider in more detail what the primo drug is for, and what the effect of taking it will be:

  1. Due to the presence in the composition of a large amount of building and energy material, this sport pit as quickly as possible replenishes the expended forces, thereby helping to restore the body after power loads. In order to close «protein and carbohydrate window» To avoid muscle breakdown after a stressful workout, it is recommended that you take this supplement after a workout.
  2. There are such moments when there simply isn’t enough time for cooking, and primo cycles would be an excellent way out of this situation. A balanced complex of all the necessary components of this supplement will allow you to use it instead of the usual meal. This will save time and will not allow catabolism to destroy the accumulated form.
  3. Knowing the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and other substances consumed will help to keep the body in the same weight category, which is not the case with ordinary food, the caloric content of which is quite difficult to calculate.
  4. One of the most important advantages – the presence of substances difficult to access in everyday food. Each manufacturer tries to maximize their number to attract customers. At present, in almost every package good steroid side effects in females You can find such supplements: BCAA, glutamine, creatine, vitamins and minerals.
  5. best steroid for cutting provides an excellent opportunity to gain quality muscle mass, especially for ectomorphs. And even if there are fats on the package, there is no need to make hasty conclusions. Here are poly and monounsaturated fats that are good for your body, also stimulate mental activity and remove subcutaneous fat. «bacon».

Contraindications and side effects of primo steroid

In addition to a large list of useful substances contained in primo steroid, it has its drawbacks. It must be remembered that the steroid test kit is an additional supplement to meet the need for calories, and in the absence of strength training, such a mixture only provokes an increase in fat. Another side effect may be dehydration caused by creatine in the mixture, which can adversely affect the functionality of the primo steroid. This implies a contraindication to the use of this sportpita along with drugs such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen.

It is not recommended to use steroid cycles people with lactose intolerance, or stomach upset and nausea may occur. Due to the intake of this supplement, the occurrence of insomnia and excitation of the nervous system due to the caffeine contained in the composition is not excluded.

How to choose primo steroid

Try to choose products only reliable and proven brands, as they produce a clearly balanced and high-quality mixture, however, and the price can be rather big. Well study the list of components on the package. In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, as well as creatine with glutamine, added to increase the anabolic effect, should also be indicated.

You should choose steroid test kits with a steroid cycle for women, which is less stressful on the stomach and faster absorbed. Such a composition is a good source of energy reserves and muscle growth.

Having understood what primo steroid is in sports nutrition, let’s see which supplements are on the market today, and which ones should be preferred.

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