Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take


Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take

Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take. primo dosage — This kind of sports supplements, which, in fact, protein-carbohydrate mixtures. Some manufacturers additionally enrich their primo steroid formulations with creatine, vitamins, amino acids and other components. As the name suggests ( gain — growth), the main function of this mixture is to help in building muscle mass, replenishing energy supplies and providing the body material for internal anabolic processes.

Primo drug is one of the oldest sports supplements of all. But the first XXXX, in its quality, left much to be desired — made from cheap squirrels. However, modern species — These are well-balanced mixtures that contain high-purity protein, have significant biological value and are also used as energy and reducing agents.

Who should take primo drug

First of all, on sports supplements should pay attention ectomorphs or, in a simple way, thin people with a high metabolic rate and no tendency to liposynthesis. That is, those for whom the increase in muscle weight (and just in weight!) Is a real and intractable task. 3 servings of primo drug plus regular exercises in the gym — and your mass will start to grow, the effectiveness of the primo test cycle is proven!

But to whom the primo dosage is precisely contraindicated is endomorphs. This type of body, on the contrary, needs to adjust the diet in the direction of reducing calorie. Otherwise, carbohydrates will be deposited in energy form in the form of fatty deposits. People who are prone to rapid weight gain will be wiser to use primo dosage of the mixture.

Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take

In addition, primo drug can be recommended to athletes engaged primarily in aerobic exercise (football, basketball, etc.).

How to take primo cycles, doses and preparation

There are three options for accepting primo drug.

Option number 1: for the growth of muscle mass, the most effective time for taking primo cycles will be the first minutes after strength training. This is the very time when the protein-carbohydrate window opens in the body, and taking primo labs will help to fully restore muscle tissue and replenish depleted cellular energy stores.

Option number 2: supplement can be taken, including, and before training. This will allow you to train harder, more efficiently and, at the same time, suppress catabolic processes in the bud itself due to the high concentration of amino acids in the mixture. But, there is «slippery» moment when used primo drug before training increases the likelihood of gain not only muscular but also fat tissue.

Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take

Option number 3: — three, four times a day. It may well be, if only your body is not inclined to be overweight, and you want to build muscle as quickly as possible.

From a medical and biological point of view, primo test cycle — It is a product made from natural food nutrients and is potentially harmless to the body. It can take people of any gender age and physical condition. The only contraindication may be lactose intolerance.

Single portion of primo drug (depending on the scoop volume) contains:

Primo drug. What is it, who and how to take
  • from 20 to 40 g. primo cycles,
  • from 50 to 80 g of carbohydrates,
  • a few grams of unsaturated fat.

Other ingredients in the composition are highly variable depending on the brand. Do not exceed the dose recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise excess nutrients simply do not fully digest. Preparing primo drug is not difficult: dry powder is stirred in a liquid (milk or water) until completely dissolved, after which the mixture can be consumed. In order to eliminate the formation of lumps, it is better to use a shaker.

Combination with other additives

Best xxxx «works» paired with creatine, helping it to more fully and quickly assimilated. For greater efficiency, supplements can be mixed in one cocktail and drunk immediately after a sports workout. In addition, the increase in muscle mass will be as productive as possible if, in addition to primo steroid and creatine, you also take primo labs, pre-training and vitamin complexes. Do not take protein-carbohydrate mixture during the drying and work on weight loss.

Side effects of primo drug

As we have already written, primo drug is a natural product, therefore they do not have clearly expressed contraindications. But the probability of individual intolerance of components is not excluded, in particular, in case of enzyme deficiency, the use of primo labs may cause indigestion. In addition, the violation of the storage conditions (when the dry powder dries out) can cause the multiplication of bacteria and diarrhea, as a result of the use of such a mixture.

And, of course, it is worth buying only a quality product from a serious manufacturer. If your body somehow inadequately responds to primo drug, then you should refrain from further use of this product.

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